We’re being pulled a thousand different directions by a society that profits from our illness, insecurities and lack of self-care. It’s a beautiful act of rebellion to know your worth and invest in your health and wellness. At RVR we are here to care beyond the ordinary.


River Valley Relief Premium Heirloom, Hand Finished Cannabis Flower

For us, cannabis is personal.

Most of us, and many of you reading this, have a reason we are looking to bring the benefits of medical cannabis into our lives.  At RVR, we want to make sure every patient can find the strain best suited for them, every time.

Terpenes are aromatic organic compounds found in many plants, though many people commonly associate them with cannabis because cannabis plants contain high concentrations of them. They are also the single most important factor in determining how cannabis can affect a person.  We focus on understanding the terpenes found in each of our strains, and we cultivate to maximize their presence in our heirloom flower.

Our commitment is to provide high quality, affordable cannabis to the patients of Arkansas. We offer the most consistent, terpene rich flower on the market and pride ourselves on the unique, labor efficient processes behind our cultivation.  

From seed to sale, the entire process is completed by hands of our steadfast RVR family.  From our indoor vertical farm to our packaging room, every step has been designed to ensure the freshest, cleanest, premium flower experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to cannabis or a cannabisseur who has benefited from the plant for years, you are welcome here and you can totally sit with us. 

We have spent a significant amount of time cultivating the very best folks together with the same energy to bring our mission to you.


Meet The Squad….



Our passion for cannabis starts with a story full of pain.

Our mom lost her life to prescription opiates, and we feel her absence every day. Our mission at River Valley Relief is to provide a safer alternative to prescription opiates and other deadly narcotics for those in need.

We believe that by providing high quality, safe, laboratory tested cannabis products to Arkansas, we can help bring relief to other families that may be fighting the same battle.

— Storm, Kane & Josh