Get a Registry Identification Card (RIC)

If we have selected you as a prospective team member at River Valley Relief, the next step in joining our team is obtaining a Registry Identification Card (RIC) from the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

RICs are required for all team members and must be on your person at all time when you are working at our facility.

Applying for Your Registry Identification Card (RIC)

Sample Arkansas Medical Marijuana Registry Identification Card (RIC)

As someone who is being hired to work for a medical marijuana cultivator, processor, dispensary, or transporter, you will need to complete the following steps. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted by the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

  1. As a prospective team member, you need to pick up an application packet from River Valley Relief or download from the link below. This packet will include an Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission (MMC) Background Check Initiation form, a Request for Employee Registry Identification Card (RIC), an Authority to Release Information form, and an Application Record Notification form.
  2. Background checks and fingerprinting will be completed by Live-Scan. You may contact them at or call (501) 246-3780 to select a location and time. Please choose the Digital Fingerprinting with Electronic Submission W/INA background LAUNCH. The approximate cost of this service ($60) will be reimbursed to you on your first paycheck. If arrangements for this expense need to made, please contact a member of the River Valley Relief management team.
    1. Please take your Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission form, and Applicant Record Notification form with you to your appointment. The transaction number will be filled out for you by the technician and the bottom of the Record Notification will be signed for you. If you do not bring your form, the Live-Scan will give you blank copies to be filled out before your testing can begin.
  3. Bring your completed Authority to Release form, Request for Employee Registry Identification Card, Applicant Record Notification form, and Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission form back to River Valley Relief for processing.
  4. If you receive a call from the ABC saying that your RIC is approved and that they require a check, please let us know with an email to
  5. Once we receive your RIC, which will be mailed to our office, we will contact you and discuss your starting date.