Ark420: Amco Review of Race Fuel Cultivated by River Valley Relief

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The nose on this Race Fuel is very pleasing. It has a multi layered scent profile working together to make a petroleum or chemical like fragrance. It’s not the most pungent of scents I have smelled on a fuel strain but it is sufficient. As I pick apart the scent, I can identify many of the smells of the different terpenes listed on there full lab results. The first of the top three listed terpenes is D-Limonene. It’s in a quantification of .382 and your nose will find this terpene to smell like citrus; some times more like lemon, some time more like grapefruit, depending the concentration. The second most plentiful terpene is B-caryophelenne at a concentration of .304. You will most likely find this terpene to taste cloves or black pepper. The third most present terpenne is terpinolene. Terpinolene is measured at .284; your nose will find it to carry the fragrance of hibiscus flowers. Some say it resembles lilacs as well. Now when you dig through the full lab results you find a listing of the remainder of terpenes present including α-Bisabolol ,β-Caryophyllene,Caryophyllene oxide, α-Humulene Isopulegol, β-Myrcene ,trans-Nerolidol ,α-Pinene β-Pinene. When you have all these terpenes acting in concert you get a heavenly fuel scent Amco High Opinion is a 9 of 10 on the smell. The one point was docked for lack of pungentness.


This terpene profile has a laundry list of possible uses. Whether your looking for the anti convulsion trait of the isopulegol or anti-inflammatory property’s of the a-humulene; this may be a strain for you. If your looking for sedation the myrcene and the terpinolene has your back. The delta lemonene and the trans-neridol brings a mental clarity and mood lifting effect to the table. I personally found the strain to ease the stress of a bad night sleep and every device in my review process not working this morning. The muscle relaxant effect of the myrcene is the most obvious effect it had on my body. Amco High Opinion on the effect of RVR race fuel is a 9 of 10.