Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold

Rare Sativa

Live Budder

Acapulco Gold Budder is a live resin with a smooth and silky texture (a lot like fresh butter). Acapulco Gold is a popular and historically significant sativa-dominant hybrid strain.  Although it comes from Mexico, the exact genetics of the strain are unknown. The original Acapulco Gold cultivar is considered to be a rarity in modern day cannabis cultivation circles. It produces an earthy, pungent taste upon consumption, which has been found to be very popular. Acapulco Gold combines an energetic and cerebral head high that mixes with a soothing body high that will transport you from Arkansas, straight to sunny Acapulco.

Our live extracts give you a whole, fresh flower vaping experience, full of natural cannabinoids and terpenes just as they were right at harvest. This is made by freezing freshly harvested cannabis both before and during the extraction process. This technique omits the stages that expose the buds to adverse conditions helping the plant retain its full terpene profile. With live extracts, there isn’t much handling or manipulating of the plant before it’s processed. It hasn’t been cured or dried prior to extraction, in order to preserve the terpenes. It’s said that up to 95 percent of a plant’s terpenes can be lost from harvest through the final curing process. Preserving those terpenes leads to a potent concentrate with high amounts of terpenes, which is what sets live resin apart from the rest of the extractions you see on the market.

A resin with a smooth and silky texture (a lot like fresh butter). Budder is one of the marijuana concentrates known for retaining most of the marijuana plants’ terpenes.

Current Results





Total Terpenes


Top 5 Terpenes

Terpinene 4.32%

Beta Caryophyllene 0.99%

Limonene 0.71%

Myrcene 0.56%

Ocimene 0.47%

Strain Test Results


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