Chem Dawg

Chem Dawg


Cured Budder


Chem Dawg is a cross of two well know cannabis strains, Sour Deisel and OG Kush. Chemdawg is known for its heavy Diesel Aroma that is pungent and sharp. Chem Dawg is potent and user can expect a nice cerebral experience behind the eyes, mixed with the heavy bodied feeling.

Our cured extracts are designed to provide you with with the whole-plant flavor and entourage effect by capturing as many of the cannabinoids and terpenes as possible, giving you all of the benefits of smoking flower without the smoke. Cured extracts are made from raw cannabis plant material that has been cured over time before extraction, just like the buds sold in the store.

A resin with a smooth and silky texture (a lot like fresh butter). Budder is one of the marijuana concentrates known for retaining most of the marijuana plants’ terpenes.

Current Results





Top 5 Terpenes

Myrcene 1.97%

Limonene 1.09%

Beta Caryophyllene 0.45%


Beta Pinene0.16%

Strain Test Results


Lot M00065C13242821007


Lot M00065C13242782229