Guava Melon

Guava Melon




Guava Melon cured sugar is a well balanced hybrid. The rich terpene profile makes for a very flavorful and effective concentrate. Guava Melon cured sugar is highest in Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene and Myrcene. Patients have reported feeling happy, focused and relaxed without being overly sedating.

Our cured extracts are designed to provide you with with the whole-plant flavor and entourage effect by capturing as many of the cannabinoids and terpenes as possible, giving you all of the benefits of smoking flower without the smoke. Cured extracts are made from raw cannabis plant material that has been cured over time before extraction, just like the buds sold in the store.

Sometimes called “sugar wax”, sugar is a type of cannabis concentrate with a consistency like wet sugar, or sugar mixed with liquid but not dissolved. Cannabis sugar is made through chemical extraction and can be made from dried flower or fresh frozen cannabis plants.

Current Results





Total Terpenes


Top 5 Terpenes

Beta Caryophyllene 1.91%

Limonene 1.70%

Myrcene 0.84%

Humulene 0.68%

Linalool 0.49%

Strain Test Results


Lot M00065C13242476788


Lot M00065C1324242111569