Runtz is a rare hybrid strain loved for its fruity flavor and aroma. Created by crossing Zkittlez with Gelato, the resin-caked buds range in color from lime green to deep dark purple. Celebrated for having a long-lasting, euphoric buzz, it’s no wonder that Runtz was recognized by Leafly as “Strain of the Year” in 2020. Runtz may help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, while producing uplifting effects that will leave you feeling happy, talkative, and relaxed. The flavor and effects combine to make this crowd favorite the perfect complement to a day of exploring our beautiful Natural State.
Sometimes called “sugar wax”, sugar is a type of cannabis concentrate with a consistency like wet sugar, or sugar mixed with liquid but not dissolved. Cannabis sugar is made through chemical extraction and can be made from dried flowers or fresh frozen cannabis plants.

Our live extracts give you a whole, fresh flower vaping experience, full of natural cannabinoids and terpenes just as they were at harvest. This is made by freezing freshly harvested cannabis before and during extraction. This technique omits the stages that expose the buds to adverse conditions helping the plant retain its complete terpene profile. With live extracts, there isn’t much handling or manipulation of the plant before it’s processed. It hasn’t been cured or dried before extraction to preserve the terpenes. Up to 95 percent of a plant’s terpenes can be lost from harvest through the final curing process. Preserving those terpenes leads to a potent concentrate with high amounts of terpenes, which sets live resin apart from the rest of the extractions you see on the market.

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