Embark on an olfactory odyssey with Terpinene, a dynamic terpene gracing an eclectic array of botanical treasures, including cumin, coriander, juniper, citrus fruits, and conifers. This versatile compound, found abundantly in nature, weaves a fragrant tapestry ranging from savory spices to zesty citrus groves. As you delve into the aromatic depths of Terpinene, imagine invigorating notes of pine and citrus dancing across your senses. Terpinene’s aromatic allure is akin to a refreshing breeze, leaving behind a trail of crispness that transports you to serene coniferous forests and sun-drenched citrus orchards.Guaiol beckons with a mild and enchanting aroma, reminiscent of woodlands in bloom. Imagine the subtle wafts of wood and floral notes, akin to a bouquet of roses or, at times, the delicate allure of violets. As you traverse the fragrant pathways of Guaiol, envision it as the aromatic guardian of Guaiacum wood, an aromatic companion to Salvia, Lilac, Cypress Pine, and Ginseng. Each encounter with Guaiol is a sensory adventure, a gentle reminder of the diverse and captivating aromas that nature effortlessly weaves into its verdant tapestry.

Patient Conditions

Bacterial Infections
Diabetic Neuropathy

Healing Attributes

Anti Inflammatory

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