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A group is helping guide Arkansans through the processes of getting a medical marijuana card.

The Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association is holding a meeting at the Mulberry Community Center from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Organizers said the last time they held this type of meeting, the place was packed, so they had to find a larger venue.

“We really have been able to use these events to show people what we’re really bringing here, and how patients are using cannabis to get well and not get high, and I think the people in Mulberry understand that,” said Corey Hunt, a board member for the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association.

The group is also planning similar events in other parts of the state over the coming months. Click or tap here to visit the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association website to learn more.

“I’m suffering and other people are suffering for every minute longer that it takes,” Roger Halpin of Mulberry told 40/29.

Halpin has already been approved for medical marijuana. He says it will help with his chronic pain.

“It’s pharmaceuticals or it’s cannabis,” Halpin said. “Which is safer?”