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MULBERRY (KFSM) — A man who lost someone he loved to breast cancer years ago is making his way around the county teaching people about the effects of medical marijuana.

His destination today was Mulberry. He went for a seminar on cannabis as medicine.

“I’ve been traveling the world for the last five years, meeting different cannabis parents in the state,” said Corey Hunt of the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association. “We present real science from real doctors, with real experience and patients who are seeing real results. So, once you see that and you see it’s not what you think it is, I think that people really open up their minds.”

The group was educated by doctors who also spoke about how to target certain types of cancer.

“There are a lot of people that voted for this – 53% of our state — that are frustrated that they can’t go out and buy medical cannabis.”

Nolan says the process to bring medical marijuana to Arkansas is taking longer than expected – but that those involved are working their hardest.

“So it’ll be here, but it’ll be longer than expected.”

“Hopefully, mid spring, patients will be able to have access to this. The commissioners are still choosing who’s going to grow and who’s going to sell this. But hopefully in a few months. It’s coming,” added Hunt.

Nolan said a doctor talked about how the state plans to regulate medical marijuana — saying they’ll make sure every step of the process is tested by an accredited lab.