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Erin Holland has been hired as the media specialist and membership consultant for the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association. She is the first paid employee of the association that was formed in February 2017.

Holland owns Little Rock-based Amplify, a newly-formed digital media and marketing company.

Her job with the ACIA includes creating and implementing a marketing plan and to develop a membership program for patients, doctors and business owners and managers in the medical marijuana industry.

“This​ is ​an​ important​ moment​ for​ our ​association,​ one​ I​ think​ every ​non-profit​ strives​ to get​ to,” Storm​ Nolan,​ ACIA ​president, said in a statement. “We ​knew​ Erin​ had​ the knowledge ​and​ experience​ we needed​ for​ this​ role,​ but​ what​ we​ didn’t​ anticipate​ was her​ passion ​for​ our​ cause.​ You ​can’t​ have the​ brains​ without ​the​ heart,​ it​ doesn’t​ work like ​that.”​

Erin Holland

Holland’s previous work includes the Arkansas​​ Times,​ Sells​​ Agency​ and​ Agency501. She​ also​ co-founded ​Little​ Rock ​for​ Bernie​ Sanders 2016,​ a​ grassroots organization created​ to​ promote​ the​ candidacy​ of Sanders during the​ 2016 presidential​ primaries.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from State University of New York at Geneseo.