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Anna T. Boyce

In 1991, Anna T. Boyce, a registered nurse, wrote California’s first medical marijuana bill. Passed by the Senior Legislature, the bill was introduced and passed by the state Legislature (1991-1993). Unfortunately, the bill was vetoed each time by Governor Pete Wilson claiming it violated federal law.

Anna’s remarkable work led to the introduction of Prop. 215, which she was a co-author of, along with Dennis Peron. History was made back in 1996 with Prop 215 , when it became the first medical marijuana ballot initiative in the country to be approved at the state level. 

Her dedication and the approval of Prop 215 made it possible for countless patients to have legal access to medical marijuana. A key factor in her passion for the legalization of medical marijuana was her husband’s battle with cancer and her first hand experience in how much it extended his life, but also improved his quality of life. 

It is brave and compassionate women like her that make all of us here at RVR so proud to be a part of the medical cannabis industry and getting to see the improvement of patients in our own state.