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Annie Iselin

Annie Iselin has over 11 years’ experience in the cannabis market from the dispensary level all the way through to cultivation. She has scaled some of the most reputable brands in Colorado. 

Annie spent two years with Point Seven Group as the tenured, global, cannabis consulting firm’s Vice President. She lead a world-class team of experts, with direct hands-on experience in the regulated cannabis industry. Her success has been measured by her clients, whether that’s winning their licenses, creating global brands or expanding operations into new markets. Prior to that, she also spent some time as an Operations Consultant with the reputable MJ Freeway. 

Annie spent some time running operations with the award-winning cannabis dispensary KindLove in Denver, CO and just before that, she was a part of the Mile High Green Cross dispensary also in Denver, CO. During her time with MHGC in 2011 they won 2 of 3 first place awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup. 

Annie is a freedom fighter and a woman who stands up for the right thing–simply because it is the right thing! She is currently located in our home state, Arkansas, and serving as the Sr. Director of Operations at BOLD Team! We are so grateful that Annie brings her love for this plant and process to the south.