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Bridget Hennessey

 Bridget Hennessey is the Vice President of Government Relations at Weedmaps. She deals in policy work, partnering with medical cannabis companies, veterans’ groups, legislators, and community groups to ensure safe, legal access to cannabis. Her passion for advocacy began while working for a non-profit sector directly with incarcerated individuals and seeing how minority communities were disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs. 

Before working in the cannabis industry, she spent 15 years working in government relations and public policy. Bridget joined the cannabis industry in an effort to guide legislation towards the decriminalization of cannabis, ensuring minority voices have a seat at the table. 

During that time, she also worked with national organizations, including the Center for Transportation Excellence, Smart Growth America and the American Planning Association, to advocate for increased investment in transportation and progressive transit and community development policies. Bridget is a mother of three first and a political enthusiast second. 

Bridget is inspired by female inclusion in the cannabis community, she has stated that “The women in this industry are incredibly supportive of one another, as the industry matures, and more women take leadership positions, this will become a laboratory for workplace innovation for other businesses to replicate.” 

Just in case we haven’t said it enough, here at RVR we really love women supporting other women.