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Chanda Macias

Chanda Macias has utilized her skills and platform to educate medical marijuana patients, empower women and minorities in the cannabis industry for over 15 years. 

In 2015, Dr. Chanda founded the National Holistic Healing Center, a medical dispensary located in Washington, D.C. and in 2019 became the CEO of Llera Holistic Healthcare. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Minority Cannabis Business Association and is the CEO of Women Grow.

Dr. Chanda Macias has spent many years developing her knowledge of medical marijuana to help educate patients. She is a trailblazer in connecting, educating and empowering the future generations of female leaders within the cannabis industry. 

Chanda is trying to improve patient lives, by the use of new legislation, not just for women and minorities but for everyone. She is making strides with adding flower products to Louisiana’s cannabis program and increasing the list of qualifying conditions, which leads to more people becoming medical marijuana patients, fewer people being charged with possession and fewer people serving time for simply using a medication. 

Chanda is focusing on cannabis advocacy, with goals of increasing access to medical marijuana, decriminalizing the possession of flower and helping to relieve financial issues for entrepreneurs and patients. 

We too share her goals.