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Courtney Trop

Courtney Trop, mostly known as a style blogger, is the founder of Stevie, a line of hemp CBD products.

Courtney is an east coast native who moved to Los Angeles over a decade ago. Courtney began her career in LA’s fashion scene. She came to the realization that her calling was more meaningful than typical retail and styling, so she created her own purpose. 

Initially a style blog, “Always Judging” became a trusted inspiration source for all things fashion, vintage, music, and interiors, an authentic window into Courtney’s life. Even more so, the Always Judging audience started to rely on her unfiltered take on self-care, wellness, and transparency in her product reviews, all for a healthier lifestyle that brings a more uplifted life. 

Over time, what has remained constant on Courtney’s platform is her abundant curiosity and love for facing challenges head-on. Whether exploring her personal style, thrifting for a piece of vintage furniture, or her latest entrepreneurial adventure into cannabis, she will give it her all with a continued love and service for her community.

Rather than be another fashion blogger with a fashion line, she wanted to create something that had wellness in mind and would help better the lives of those in her following. As we come into the last few days of the month, it’s so inspiring to look back at all the amazing women we have shared, and how someone can make a huge difference in this industry. No matter what their background is.