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Hanna Brand

Previously we have written about Autumn Shelton. Today we are going to share about her business partner and the other half of Autumn Brands, Hanna Brand. 

Hanna is a co-owner of Autumn Brands, head of sales and a graduate with a degree in Agricultural and Environmental Plant Sciences with a concentration in Environmental Horticultural Science. 

Autumn Brands is a licensed California cannabis cultivator with the goal of bringing healing to Californias. More than a century ago, the Brand family started farming tulips in Holland. Today Hanna, a sixth-generation farmer and first generation American, applies the same expertise in growing the world’s finest tulips to producing cannabis in coastal Santa Barbara County.

Hanna grew up on an avocado ranch and spent a lot of time working at her dad’s cut flower nursery. She always wanted to work with her dad, even before it was cannabis, because she looked up to him and his work ethic. In 2015, they made the switch from flowers to cannabis, with the goal of growing quality and healing cannabis. 

Hannah has stated that her biggest passion is creating a product that helps people. Whether it’s medically or recreationally used, there is no doubt that cannabis is improving people’s lives. The stories people share with her she finds heart warming and reassures her that she made the right decision to be where she is, and we couldn’t agree more.