Blackberry Cheesecake

Kati Holland

Kati Holland is the founder of Not Pot, a direct to consumer CBD brand that began as organic dark chocolates in palm-printed jars. In 2018, one year after launching they switched from chocolates to CBD gummies to really control the quality and potency. 

Before entering the cannabis industry, Kati worked full time in tech, while living in San Francisco. She left her stable job in pursuit of bringing accessible, beautiful health products to the public. Risky move, but her dedication and perseverance brought her through. 

Kati spent ages agonizing over the pros and cons of different types of sweetener, like beet sugar or stevia, monk fruit or coconut sugar. Then struggled with payment processor companies that will work with cannabis brands, but are still a safe option for her customers. During this time, her chocolates were selling out. 

Throughout the process of launching her CBD gummies, she learned firsthand the challenges that women in cannabis face, but stayed committed to her goal of a tasty, effective, fashionable, stigma free product.

Kati and her brand are big supporters of criminal justice reform. She is all about having quality products, but more than that, she cares about the intention behind the products and the brand. 

She has stated that she wants to reclaim the term CBD for science, and make sure that profits from legalization are reinvested in communities most harmed by prohibition. 

Kati’s brand mission is to “free plants and people” by way of The Bail Project. She is passionate about the decriminalization of cannabis within the criminal justice system and she wants her company to be a part of the solution. There are so many driven and creative women within this community that inspire us each day.