Blackberry Cheesecake

Katie Stem and Kate Black

This month’s Women in Cannabis post is a double feature, Katie Stem and Kate Black are partners and co-founders of Peak Extracts. The first women-owned extract brand in Oregon, founded in 2014. They made a name for themselves with custom-tailored edibles made from single-strains to combat specific ailments. CEO and co-founder Stem started experimenting with different cannabis strains to combat her own Crohn’s disease, she found certain strains worked in different ways and came with different levels of relief.

Now the #2 cannabis chocolate manufacturers in Oregon what keeps them going, and excited, is the positive impact they are having on people’s lives. It’s a constant inspiration for them to read testimonials and talk with patients in Oregon about how their products have improved patients’ well being. We here at RVR are very passionate about the impact we have on the patients of Arkansas and the cannabis community #CannaProud.