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Kristi Price


Kristi Price is the founder of KRMA Media Inc, a publishing company committed to changing the narrative about cannabis for Black professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs.
KRMA’s background is in formerly prohibited markets serving as consultants, marketers and diversity and inclusion experts.

They are always on the lookout for influential voices to be a part of their mission, particularly those focused on cannabis business, technology, and education.

Kristi is also the editor of online and print publication, Black CannaBusiness. She began her career working in highly regulated industries, including tobacco and alcohol, eventually leading to her breakthrough in the cannabis industry. In addition, she spent some time in the energy drink industry.

She founded KRMA Media in February 2019 because she recognized a void in the industry. KRMA is an acronym for the four pillars of knowledge, Resources, Minority Curation, and allyship. These pillars are the foundation of everything that they do, and they are a reminder of their mission to create a more inclusive industry while helping their allies to practice actionable inclusion by providing them with an opportunity to build authentic relationships within the cannabis community.

Creating an amazing and uplifting community within the cannabis industry is truly beautiful. Community over competition is really what we should all be striving for.