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Nidhi Lucky Handa

Nidhi Lucky Handa is the CEO and founder of LEUNE, a lifestyle cannabis brand that is honored to be a part of the cannabis community. Nidhi and her company understand that being in this industry comes with a platform and an ability to use their voices to help bring awareness to social injustice and inspire positive change. 

Nidhi has a background in business marketing and building brands. In her words, she is a “brand geek through and through”, so when legalization passed, she was really interested in what was going on in the brand space for cannabis. As a patient, none of it was appealing to her. So she sought out to design a lifestyle brand in her niche.

In 2018, Nidhi launched LEUNE, a popular line of California-based Cannabis products. Nidhi has been declared as a ‘Woman of Weed’ By High Times and her entrepreneurship is fully devoted to LEUNE. Leune is a very aesthetic, creative company, changing the industry one product at a time. 

As a woman of color, Nidhi is all about bringing change to the narrative that surrounds cannabis; one way of accomplishing this goal is by supporting the Last Prisoner Project. The first time she reached out to the LPP, it was really early on for them. At that point, she was just a small brand, but she asked them what she could do to support them more hands on. Nidhi and Leune offered some of their resources to LPP and the results were creating some videos for them to use on their website. 

She has stated, “I think that we’re building this industry together and I want to help and know the other people who are trying to be involved. I want to see other people rise with me, because I think it’s more fun to be growing and rising together than to be throwing arrows at each other,” this is a sentiment we truly share. Unity is one of the most important parts of the cannabis community.