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Verena Von Pfetten

Verena Von Pfetten is the co-founder of Gossamer, a cannabis lifestyle brand and print publication covering many topics from travel and design, to culture through a green lens.

A digital guru with experience in brand consulting, editorial direction, and content building. She has worked with clients such as Instagram, Glossier, Spring, ASOS, Ann Taylor, and The Coveteur. 

Prior to co-founding Gossamer, Verena was the executive digital director at Lucky magazine, where she strategized for the brand’s award-winning digital editorial department across multiple platforms, including video, mobile, social, and live events. 

Even before working at Lucky magazine, she was an early editor at the Huffington Post. She managed over 70 contributors and helped build out the site’s lifestyle coverage and female audience. She has always been interested in storytelling and community building; she eventually realized that she no longer wanted to work for someone else. She wanted to be able to own and answer for the value of her work.

She wants Gossamer to offer the cannabis community a better experience through everything they do. She hopes to change the perception of cannabis, cannabis consumers, and the conversation around legalization. At RVR we hope to be a part of a better experience for our community as well.