Arkansas Medical Cannabis with a Mission

Medical Cannabis Cultivation for the Patients of Arkansas

River Valley Relief is a medical marijuana advocate, and if the Medical Marijuana Commission decides to release the three remaining dispensaries licenses, we will be able to bring a River Valley Relief dispensary to our hometown of Fort Smith.

Our sister company is River Valley Relief Cultivation.

As one of the eight cannabis cultivators in the State of Arkansas River Valley Relief Cultivation’s sole purpose is to make high quality, safe, and affordable medical cannabis for the patients of Arkansas.

Their goal is to begin selling medical cannabis to Arkansas dispensaries before the end of the year, 2020.

Benefits to the community

  • 80-100 Fort Smith jobs when stabilized
  • Bringing a cultivation facility to Fort Smith could result in over $80M in economic impact over a four year period
  • Patient and physician education about opiate dependency
  • Low-cost and no-cost medicine for patients in need
  • Incoming revenue from other parts of the state
  • Research program tracking medical cannabis’ impact on stemming the opioid abuse epidemic


  • Storm Nolan
  • Kane Whitt
  • Chris Whitt

Get a Patient Card

Visit AR Cannabis Clinic to find out how to get an Arkansas medical marijuana patient card.

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